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A film much calmer and simpler in scope than everything else on this list, When We Grow Up is a delightful family reunion comedy in which reflections on race and cultural upbringing are of secondary concern, and yet, they loom over each scene like a specter.

Grace Hannoy, Writer/Producer/Actor: "I do really think about writing as half mystical, half practical application of things. It does feel like I am communicating with something bigger than myself even if the story is silly and weird..."

Simone Stadler, Co-Producer: "I was really struck by every single set we were on...It was always men handling all the equipment, and men behind the camera... People will always talk about the tech guy, the sound guy, and I had to combat a lot of doubt in myself that it think is programmed in us women..."

Speaking on how the film industry can stand to evolve overall, Juan added, “If more of the big decision-makers in the film industry would be courageous enough to hire more female storytellers and storytellers of color, they’d be pleasantly surprised by just how many unique ways of telling a story exist that we have yet to experience.”

When We Grow Up is a well-crafted comedy recounting a long weekend during which the death of the family dog causes members of a dysfunctional family to reunite and realize the importance of their relationships.

A coming-of-age film for people who have already come of age, “When We Grow Up” toes the line between humor and heft as it examines the tricky relationship between adult children and their parents.


The all-female feature Diverse Filmmaking Team with a Multi-Cultural Cast Makes it’s West Coast Debut at this weekend’s LA Femme International Film Festival, and was led by Grace Hannoy (Producer/Writer/Actor), Zorinah Juan (Director), and Simone Stadler (Co-Producer), which highlighted the amazing diversity at this special event.

We got to talk about what it was like working with an all-female cast, how we can pressure the industry to tell stories that reflect our own, and shared the joys of finding a fierce creative collaborator to throw down with you.

Director, Zorinah Juan, and Producer/Writer/Actor, Grace Hannoy are included in this piece covering the Asian American International Film Festival! Check it out.

April 30, 2018

When We Grow Up, which just picked up the "Hoosier Lens: Best Feature" prize at the 2018 Indy Film fest in Indianapolis, doesn't just have a female director. It doesn't just have a female cinematographer. Oh heck, it doesn't even have just a female screenwriter. 

When We Grow Up has an entirely female crew...

May 04, 2018

 “Scour the credits very closely,” said Grace Hannoy [...] Hannoy added that the credits of many high-budget creative teams feature few to no females, even though they are working in the industry and are incredibly capable. “When We Grow Up” is something of an anomaly that she is hoping we see more of in the near future.

April 25, 2018

Cavan McGinsie of NUVO gives "When We Grow Up" a glowing review...

April 25, 2018

Writer/Producer, Grace Hannoy, promotes "When We Grow Up" World Premiere at Indy Film Fest on Indy Style...

April 27, 2018

Inside Indiana Business highlights Indianapolis native, Grace Hannoy, writer/producer of "When We Grow Up"...

The Berkshire Eagle's Sharon Smullen says... "Far from a Hollywood reeling from sexual misconduct allegations, a few female filmmakers have taken matters into their own hands by making their film with an all-women crew." Read the full article by clicking the link!

Hudson Valley 360's Hunter Wallace says, "As the film is approaching completion, the production crew said the project is one part of a larger movement to increase the role of women in the film industry." Read the full article by clicking the link!

The Chatham Press's DeeAnn Veeder says, "Forget Wonder Woman, we have genuine feminist filmmakers coming to town! Feminism is basically the empowerment of women, and Grace Hannoy and Simone Stadler are doing exactly that. " Read the full article by clicking the link!

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